2016 Lionel Trains Signature Catalog. Mint Condition.
2016 Lionel Trains Signature Catalog.
Mint Condition.
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2016 Mint condition Lionel Signature Edition Catalog.
Mint Condition.

This 168 page catalog is full of Lionel with O Scale; Traditional O; Accessories; Control Systems; and FasTrack. To name a few item: VisionLine GG1 Locomotives on pages 6-17 start the catalog..

These locomotives include legacy control systems, odyssey speed control, Legacy Railsounds, Legacy Horn, and Electro Coupler, to operate on minimum of 072 track. Legacy Diesel with Amtrak CSX Business Train; H16-44 SD90MAC are also listed in this field. The Legacy Steam have the Allegheny 2-6-6-6-6; Chessie, and Virginian offered; The Southern Pacific GS-4 is a real colorful steam loco in the daylight colors. American Freedom Train in the red, white and blue colors 4-8-4 and passenger cars are also offered this year. Freight cars- In brief the Hot metal cars, slab cars with die cast trucks, and operating couplers are being offered; Flat cars with Wedge Plow;

USRA Double Sheath Box cars; 86' Hi-Cub Box Cars; 89' Auto Carrier Cars; 60' Box cars' Milk Cars; Twin Hoppers; PS-4 With 40' Trailer; Unibody Tank Cars; PS-5 Gondolas with Loads; Northeast Style Caboose, Vision Reefer 3-Pack Bethlehem Steel Slag Cars; 21' Passenger cars in New York Central & Union Pacific, are pictured. The Universal Remote LionChief is offered showing you how to run multiple Lionelchief Plus Flyerchief locos. LionelChief Plus Rectifiers with Santa Fe, CP, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific; along with the LionChief GP 20 BNSF Norfolk Southern, and NW2 B & O, Southern and Burlington Northern are pictured.

Plus FT A-A Santa Fe; Atlantic Coast Line and Erie diesels; In GP7, Rectifiers include Virginian, Conair, Pennsylvania, NH and Norfolk and Western. The LionChief Plus Steam include Canadian Pacific, Pennsylvania; SP & B &O. to name just a few. LionChief Plus Mikado steam include New York Central, UP, and Rio Grande; Hudsons listed Santa Fe; Lackawanna; C&O and UP. Tie-Jector and Tie Work Cars, Rotary Snowplows, Pennsylvania Speeders, Space and Military, as well as the usual freight car train sets are also offered. Trackage and accessories are also pictured in the catalog listings.

This is only a sample of what is being offered in this catalog for the year.

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